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Ноябрь / 2021

Global Tarraxo festival Paris

Global Tarraxo Festival Paris
1st Edition!! 
Hotel Mercure
22 av de l’Europe Velizy

Gwany&Liliana and Suave are happy to announce the First edition of Global Tarraxo Festival at Paris happening November 5-6-7-8.
Be ready for the very second Tarraxo festival of the world and a first edition like no other!
There will be all sorts of styles such as Urban Kiz, Douceur, and off course a lot of Tarraxo!
2 Room
Room 1 : Tarraxo, Urban kiz, Afro
Room 2 : Douceur, Kompa
You don’t want to miss out on this crazy 1st edition in the beautiful city of Paris!
 What are we offering you?! Take a look!!
Photographer videast 
Coming soon!
Profs :
Gwany & Liliana (Paris)
Axel & Blandine (Lyon)
Jack & Sara (Spain)
Guiu & Borboleta (Spain)
Dima & Dasha (Ukraine)
Romeo (Paris)
Juneline (Hollande)
Shika (US)
Shafeeha (US)
Dawou (Paris)
Doumb & Cey (France & Allemagne)
More to be announced...
Dj Chad (France)
Dj Sink (Canada)
Dj Hugo Smile (France)
Dj BLVCK (France)
Dj Shark (Cuba/Spain)
Dj Gato (Ukraine)
Dj TEO (Ukraine)
Dj Mr Savoir faire (France)
More to be announced...

More than 50 guest dancers from Europe, USA and Asia!! 
Mike ahombi From Canada
Donovan from USA
Jeremiah beardkiz from Usa
Samy Kizolove from Canada
Moorea from Guyane
Erwan & Oceane From Paris
Jo seize & Marion from Paris
Tarraxo dancers Team

 Social room during the days and at night, parties there with 2 rooms!!
1st room: Urbankiz, tarraxo, afro
2nd room: Douceur and Kompa

Don’t miss out on the second Global Tarraxo festival!!

4-7 Ноября 2021

Paris, France