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Июль / 2022

Bleu Blanc Zouk 2022

Zoukers from all over France , and foreigner friends ♡, don't miss this exceptionnal meeting ! Teachers and zouk lovers from all regions of France will gather in the capital for an unforgettable week-end in the beginning of summer. The goal is to support and grow the zouk community in France Invite all your friends !
Let's gooooo !!!
3 class rooms, more than 30 teachers and workshops at all levels (initiation, beginner, intermediate, advanced), Zouk Marathon of 12h, 4 parties, many DJ’s !
Teachers' and dj’s
Alex de Carvalho
Alexis Cucheval & Laure Lalanne
Alexis Cucheval & Mélodie Geneste
Brian Marques & Laeticia Ciade
Cédric Tellier & Selene Campomanes
Clément L-K & Céline Zinspi
Cris Vandamme & Aurélie Vandamme
Farid Oudyi , Aurélie Quotet & Maïlys Westphal
Flávio Cardoso & Wendy Yee
Gab Lacarriere & Sabrina Beija-Flor
Gabriel Thiriet & Na Dia
Hugo Latiff & Gaëlle Latiff
Ivan Coelho & Sabine Sikorski
Julie Rozen & Virginie Manis
Max Rooz & Laeticia Ciade
Mikael Bozon & Patrycja Jakimczyk
Patrick Berthou & Melissa Bounce
Said Dias & Céline Foubert
Som Say & Judit Heinzcinger
Will Ohm & Myriam Muntz
Yous Hil & Camille Finiels

8-10 Июля 2022

Paris, France